List of reviews not yet assigned to reviewers

The reviewers are kindly requested to ask the Romanian Unit to send them any of the following reviews they might be interested in.
Thank you for the cooperation.

RO00707 Endo, Hiroshi On some invariant submanifolds in certain almost cosymplectic manifolds. (English) An. Stint. Univ. "Al.I. Cuza" Iasi, 43, no. 2, 383-395 (1997) 
RO00708 Verma, Ram U. Nonlinear variational inequality problems involving multivalued mappings. (English) An. Stiint. Univ. "Al.I. Cuza" Iasi, 43, no 2, 397-402 (1997) 
RO00709 Chic Ster, Irina Existence of monotone solutions for a parabolic problem. (English) An. Stiint. Univ. "Al.I. Cuza" Iasi, 43, no.2, 401-413 (1997) 
RO01549 Luca, Dan; P\u av\u aloiu, Ion On the Heron's method for approximating the cubic root of a real number. (English) Rev. Anal. Num\'er. Th\'eor. Approx., 26, no. 1-2, 103-108 (1997) 
RB01903 Moro\c sanu, Gh.; Sburlan, S. Monotonicity Methods for Partial Differential Equations. (English) Monographical Booklets in Applied \& Computer Mathematics. Pannonian Aplied Mathematical Meetings. Technical Univerity of Budapest, p. 127 (1999) ISSN 1417-278-X 

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